Well Said: Revitalizing Morganton

股票亏了百分之30还能解套吗On this week's podcast, Carolina alumna Sara Chester talks about how she is working to redefine a North Carolina city and the industries it has relied on for decades.

股票亏了百分之30还能解套吗Morganton, North Carolina, has historically been known for its strong manufacturing and textile industries, but those industries took a significant hit during the 2009 recession and companies moved much of their operations overseas. Unemployment in the town rocketed to 15%.

Carolina alumna Sara Chester ’07 saw that downturn as a chance to reshape the city’s economy and build a better future by encouraging businesses to plant their roots in Morganton.

The Tar Heel State.Now, she is working to bring Morganton back to prosperity as the co-executive director of the Industrial Commons, a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing an inclusive economy throughout western North Carolina and creating a culture of dignity for manufacturing workers.

股票亏了百分之30还能解套吗On this week’s episode, Chester talks about how Industrial Commons is redefining Morganton and the industries it has relied on for decades by harnessing the power of local workers and small businesses.

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