UNC-Chapel Hill is committed to providing a great experience for site users. Nothing in design or programming should impede the ability of users to navigate and access content. This page includes tips for using the site, resources for web developers and the campus community and a link for reporting digital access issues.


Web developers may use resources provided by .

are available on specific topics, such as captioning and web accessibility.


Campus Resources

The offices of  and  offer other resources for the Carolina Community, such as information on accommodations. The offices work closely with the to support the accessibility of digital content, resources and technology.

Report a Digital Accessibility Issue

Do you think content or features on a UNC-Chapel Hill website are inaccessible to individuals with disabilities?

股票亏了百分之30还能解套吗Do you have comments or suggestions to improve the digital accessibility of a UNC-Chapel Hill website or online tool?

If so, please use the to let them know about your concerns.